Wild Life Drawing Classes & Not A Nude In Sight!

What A Hoot!

We have seen Life Drawing Classes and Art Macabre drawing salons, now let’s welcome Wild Life Drawing Classes!  Does the thought of drawing a nude stranger make you uncomfortable?  If so Wild Life Drawing could be for you.


wild life drawing owls

What Are Wild Life Drawing Classes?

Wild Life Drawing is a new series of Drawing Classes where the subject is not the nude in all its glory but real wild animals in all their glory!  These Wild Life Drawing Classes are the creation of artist and animal lover Jennie Webber.  Wild Life Drawing combines the intimate experience of life drawing with a close encounter of the wild kind.

The aim of the Art Class is to create amazing artwork while inspiring you to have a sense of appreciation for wild animals and their conservation.  The animals are trained and their handlers are present at all times.

If you love drawing and animals, this is for you!


Wild Life Drawing Class In Action
Who’s A Pretty Boy Then? Wild Life Drawing Class In Action

What Can I Expect At A Wild Life Drawing Class?

Wild Life Drawing Classes are open to everyone regardless of ability.  They are informal and very relaxed.  During the Art Class you will be introduced to the animals and be able to study them closely.  This in itself is an amazing experience.

After a series of drawing exercises you will be given time to work on a more finished piece.  Pencils and paper are provided however you are free to bring any other Art Materials that you would like to use.

Each month there is a different theme. The very first Wild Life Drawing Art Class had the chance to study owls which as you can imagine proved extremely popular.  Since then parrots and reptiles have taken centre stage.  Which wild animal will feature next?


Wild Life Drawing Classes - A Chameleon

Where Are The Wild Life Drawing Classes Held?

Wild Life Drawing Classes take place at The Proud Archivist, 2-10 Hertford Road, London, N1 5ET (take the Haggerston Overground).

The classes are held monthly.  Book Your Wild Life Drawing Tickets now and get added to the guest list.

For more information Contact Jennie Webber.

The Wild Life Drawing classes take place with the help of animal sanctuaries.  Money from the ticket sales is donated to allow their conservation work to continue.

Spend some quality time getting to know your feathered, furred and scaly friends over a drink or two.

Which Art Materials Should I Take To Wild Life Drawing Classes?

Pencils and paper are provided and it is always best to keep it simple when doing any life drawing class.  However if you do want to add to this here are some ideas:

Draw loosely, boldly and quickly with Charcoal – Available in pencil or stick form.

Soft Pastels are great for laying down colour quickly.  Conte Carres Crayons are harder Pastels and will give a more defined line so ideal for achieving detail.

Try adding colour especially if your subject is a parrot or chameleon!  Derwent Inktense Pencils and Derwent Inktense Blocks are lovely to use and come in a range of vibrant and natural colours.  You can use them dry or add water to them for a watercolour effect.

Derwent Drawing Pencils have a colour range that is perfect for Wild Life Drawing.  These pencils are a must have for Nature Studies!

If you want to use Watercolour Paint for your Wild Life Studies then the compact and light Cotman Watercolour Sketchers Pocket Box would be ideal.

Whatever Art Materials you decide to use, experiment and have fun!


Wild Life Drawing Classes - A Parrot


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Have you been to a Wild Life Drawing Class?  What did you think?

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