What Are Liquitex Professional Paint Markers?

What Are Liquitex Professional Paint Markers?

Liquitex Professional Paint Markers


Liquitex Professional Paint Markers contain water-based acrylic paint in a pen.  The colours are formulated using artist grade pigments. This produces strong, vibrant, lightfast colours giving excellent coverage.


Liquitex Paint Pens are durable and permanent. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces such as canvas, fabrics, wood, card & board, metal, glass, masonry, photographs, etc.


Liquitex Markers can be used with other Liquitex products, including Liquitex Artists’ Acrylics, Spray Paints, Acrylic Mediums, Varnishes, etc.


Liquitex Paint Pens are the perfect drawing tool for artists and designers. Use them for sketching, outlining and fine detail work. They are ideal for producing modern urban street art!


Liquitex Professional Paint Markers are extremely versatile and come in a large range of 50 colours including iridescents, fluorescents & transparents. They dry with a satin finish. They come in two nib sizes; a wide 15mm chisel nib and a fine 2mm chisel nib.


Take a look at the video below where artist Dan Kitchener demonstrates how versatile the Liquitex Professional Paint Markers are:



How Do I Activate Liquitex Professional Paint Markers?

Shake your Liquitex Professional Paint Pens before use to disperse the pigments. This ensures that the paint is thoroughly mixed.  When using a brand new Liquitex Paint Pen for the first time you will need to get the paint to flow through to the nib.


On a piece of scrap paper, simply push down the pen and depress the nib a few times until the paint appears on the nib.  Carefully depress the nib again until the nib is saturated with paint.  Your paint pen is now ready to use!  Re-pump as necessary.  This pump valve system in the paint pen provides an even flow of paint.


Liquitex Professional Paint Markers can be cleaned up with soap and water when wet, but are fully permanent once dry.

What Nib Sizes & Colours Are Available?

Liquitex Professional Paint Markers are available in 2 different nib sizes:



The 2mm fine chisel tip which will produce a varying line width of 2 – 4mm, making them ideal for sketching, outlining and precise fine detail work.




The 15mm wide chisel tip which will produce a varying line width of 8 – 15mm, making them ideal for sketching, outlining and covering large areas of solid colour.




Both sizes of the Liquitex Professional Paint Marker come in 50 colours which match the Liquitex colour spectrum.



Replacement Nibs are available for Liquitex Professional Paint Pens.  The replacement nibs for the 2mm paint pen includes 2 x 2mm fine bullet nibs & 2 x 2mm chisel tips. The replacement nibs for the 15mm paint pen includes 3 x 15mm chisel tips.



What Coverage Will Liquitex Professional Paint Markers Give?

The coverage will depend on how much you layer up the colour and how absorbant the surface is.  A 2mm fine Liquitex Professional Marker should cover an area of approximately 0.5 m². A 15mm wide Liquitex Professional Marker should cover an area of approximately 2.5 m².  Liquitex Paint Pens are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Can I Varnish Over Liquitex Professional Paint Markers?

To protect your artwork, you may wish to varnish it afterwards, especially when using Liquitex Paint Pens on non absorbant surfaces such as metal or outdoor surfaces.


Leave artwork to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before varnishing. All Liquitex Varnishes are suitable for use with Liquitex Professional Paint Markers. Care needs to be taken when varnishing fluorescent colours as they are more susceptible to bleeding.


Artist Dan Kitchener Using Liquitex Professional Paint Markers:




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Do you like using Liquitex Professional Paint Markers?  Please share your tips & techniques with us!

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