Watercolour Sketching Kit

What’s In Your Watercolour Sketching Kit?

Having a basic Watercolour Sketching Kit to hand and ready to go is a must for the intrepid sketcher.  Sketching and painting is something that you can do anywhere – indoors, outdoors, on a train, on a plane, riding on a camel!  Well perhaps not –  but you can sketch any time you fancy.

Your Watercolour Sketching Kit can range from everything but the kitchen sink to pocket sized.  For holidays, travelling and day trips, every artist needs a compact watercolour sketching kit!


What's In Your Watercolour Sketching Kit?
This chap’s ready for anything!

What Is In Artist Tessa Pearson’s Watercolour Sketching Kit?

Artist Tessa Pearson paints and draws regularly on holiday and teaches art courses.  We asked her what her Watercolour Sketching Kit contained.

Tessa replied:

“Inktense Blocks, a Refillable Water Brush, Water Soluble and Permanent Ink Pens, a Small Watercolour Set, a Size 1 Isabey Mop Brush and a Sketchbook with a rubber band to stop the pages from blowing over!!  That is all I take, usually!”


Watercolour Sketching Kit Supplies

What Should Be In Your Watercolour Sketching Kit?

Pullingers Art Shop recommend that you consider having the following in your Watercolour Sketching Kit:

An A5 or A6 Sketchbook / JournalMoleskine Journals are ideal as they contain good quality paper for sketching or painting and have a handy elastic band for securing pages!  Moleskine Sketchbooks were popular with artists such as Picasso and Hemingway among others.

A Small Watercolour Set – Winsor & Newton continue to dominate the watercolour market.  Any of their compact Watercolour Sets would be ideal in your basic Watercolour Sketching Kit.  The Cotman Deluxe Sketchers Pocket Box below is very handing for travelling as it includes a pencil, putty rubber and small watercolour brush.


The Cotman Deluxe Watercolour Pocket Box Is Ideal For Artist's On The Go.
The Winsor & Newton Cotman Deluxe Watercolour Pocket Box Is Ideal For An Artist On The Go!


Watercolour Pencils or Blocks – Use these instead of or as well as watercolour paint.  Whether you choose Inktense, Winsor & Newton Watercolour Sticks or Caran d’ache Neocolor,  watercolour pencils and blocks are great for laying down large areas of colour quickly and you can use them wet or dry.

Pentel Aquash Water Brush – You will find this product in most Watercolour Sketching Kits.  Ideal for the artist on the move when water is needed to blend pencils, crayons and paints.

Fineliner Pens – Have a range of different widths in your Watercolour Sketching Kit.  Fineliners are ideal for outlining.

Drawing Pencils – Get a small set of graphite pencils in different grades.  The Derwent Graphic Pencils Tin Of 6 is particularly popular as it is a compact set in a tin with a pencil sharpener.  Alternatively, use a Mechanical Pencil if you want to avoid sharpening altogether.

Paint Brushes – Some watercolour sets come with a pocket brush which is fine for a bit of detail.  As Tessa suggests, if you want to achieve watercolour washes as well as fine detail, get a larger good quality mop brush, like an Isabey Brush.  The Pro Arte Retractable Brushes with lids are also perfect for a Watercolour Sketching Kit.


Isabey Mop Brushes For Watercolour Painting
Isabey Mop Brushes For Watercolour Painting


For a really stripped back sketching kit simply pop a sketchbook and pen in your pocket!

Helpful Tips For Putting Together Your Watercolour Sketching Kit:

– If you do use a putty rubber wrap it in a plastic and keep it in a small tin to prevent it from drying out.

– If you’re not using a Moleskine Journal, take an elastic band with you to keep all the pages together.

– Put an old gym sock on your wrist when using watercolours!  Keep the sock damp for wiping excess paint off brushes.  It also keeps you cool in the summer!  I just stumbled across this crazy one!  Not for everyone but helpful none the less!

– Make your own Sketchbook with your favourite papers including drawing, watercolour and pastel papers to give you a choice of suitable paper surfaces when out and about.

– Whether you’re going on holiday, travelling or joining an art class remember to doodle every day.  It’s fun and art makes you smart didn’t you know!


An Artist Using His Watercolour Sketching Kit


If you’re getting ready to do some Art out and about you can get your Art Supplies for your Watercolour Sketching Kit from Pullingers Art Shop.  We have a huge range at discounted prices!


Do you have any tips for putting together a basic Watercolour Sketching Kit?

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