Canford Card & Paper

Canford Card & Paper – What Can It Be Used For?

Canford Card & Paper is manufactured by Daler Rowney and can be used for all art, design and craft projects. It is a very popular range of coloured paper and card that is used by artists, students, children, teachers… well, pretty much everybody!

Daler Rowney Canford Card & Paper

What Is Canford Card & Paper?

Canford is a superior quality coloured card and paper with a smooth, matt finish. It is coloured all the way through and on both sides, including the gold and silver colours.

The Canford Card & Paper range is acid and lignin free so is perfect for mounting photographs, newspaper clippings and for making memory books.  Your work will stand the test of time!

You can print on to Canford Card & Paper using a laser or inkjet printer.  For printing and photocopying, the 150gsm Canford Paper is best. Printing on the 300gsm Canford Card will depend on your printer.  Top feed printers are the most successful.  The Metallic coloured card and paper is very popular for weddings but will require a slightly longer drying time if printed on to.

What Sizes & Colours Does Canford Card & Paper Come In?

Daler Rowney Canford Card & Paper is available in the following sizes, weights and colours:

A4 Canford Paper – 150gsm in weight, A4 Canford Paper measures 210mm x 297mm (8.3″ x 11.7″). Available in single sheets or pads.

A4 Canford Card – 300gsm in weight, A4 Canford Card measures 210mm x 297mm (8.3″ x 11.7″). Available in single sheets.

A1 Canford Paper – 150gsm in weight, A1 Canford Paper measures 594mm x 841mm (23.4″ x 33.1″). Available in single sheets.

A1 Canford Card – 300gsm in weight, A1 Canford Card measures 594mm x 841mm (23.4″ x 33.1″). Available in single sheets.

All sizes of Canford Card & Paper come in a range of 37 colours including two metallics.

Canford Card & Paper Colour Chart

Canford Paper (150gsm) is available in pads of coloured paper or black paper. The Coloured Paper Pads contain 30 sheets of 8 different colours and is available in A4 and A3.

The Black Paper Pads also come in A4 and A3 and contain 30 sheets of 150gsm Canford Paper. They are all gum bound on the short edge for clean and easy removal and backed with grey board for stability.


A4 Pad Of Coloured Canford Paper

What Can I Use Canford Card & Paper For?

You can paint and draw on Canford Card & Paper with pencil, pen and ink, pastel and crayon.  It can also be cut, folded, creased, quilled, curved and embossed to create three dimensional paper sculptures and models.  You can use it for screen printing, block printing and the 300gsm Canford Card will take ink, gouache and acrylic paint.


Canford Card & Paper Sheep
A Sheep modelled out of Canford Card by Sarah Hayter


Canford Card & Paper is also a popular choice with Pastel Artists because of the wide range of vivid colours.  Although smoother than most pastel papers Canford allows you to really push the colour across the surface.  Light coloured pastels really pop on the richer, deeper colours like Guardsman Red and Ocean Blue.

Ice White and Jet Black Canford Paper is extremely popular for Portfolio Preparation.  For anyone looking for a sharp crisp white with a blue tone, Ice White is the answer.  Use 150gsm to avoid overloading the portfolio.  Photographers and make-up artists find Jet Black particularly effective.  It is the strongest densest black on the market & acid free!

Architecture and Interior Design Students love using Gun Metal, Dreadnought Grey and Mocha in their model making projects, mood boards and final projects.

Whereas Champagne, Snow White, Barley and Ivory Canford Card & Paper is hugely popular for creating Wedding Invitations & Stationery and is used by students and artists when a softer or creamier white is needed.

What Can I Make With Coloured Canford Card & Paper?

Canford Card & Paper can be used for paper sculpture, pop up books, mask making, origami, collage, mixed media, card making, model making, display and presentation.  Its uses really are endless.

Graphic Communication graduate Sarah Hayter tells us why she uses Canford Card and offers a couple of tips:

“I use Canford Card for my paper craft sculptures because it is available in so many colours and the 300gsm thickness is perfect for folding larger scale pieces, which are ideal as props for store window display. It works successfully for me, because it is durable and does not crack or tear easily when folded. Sometimes I dampen the Canford card for making more intricate detailed pieces, and yet it still remains intact and strong.”


Make A Pumpkin Out Of Canford Card & Paper
Halloween Pumpkin created by Sarah Hayter using Canford Card in Tangerine


Use Canford Card & Paper to make Christmas Decorations, an Easter bonnet, Halloween Decorations & outfits from a witch’s hat to a pumpkin! The perfect coloured card and paper choice for all of those school projects!

You name it Canford does it! Its continued popularity with everyone from design professionals right down to primary school art teachers makes it your one stop shop for coloured card & paper.


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What do you use Canford Card & Paper for?

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