What To Put In Your Travel Sketching Kit

Top 10 Travel Sketching Kit Essentials

Do You Need A Travel Sketching Kit For Sketching & Painting On Holiday?

Yes it’s that time of year.  The sun is shining, far and distant lands are calling and children and parents are going loopy on planes and trains up and down the country!

Of course you may not be travelling far, perhaps to the coast, up a mountain or just into town for some urban sketching.  Either way having a portable travel sketching kit to hand is a must.

Whether you are a throw it all in at the last minute, scrambling around the house for your favourite pen, or are Boy Scout prepared, we have rounded up the top 10 travel sketching kit products that will make your life easier.

Our Top 10 Travel Sketching Kit Essentials:

Have A Cotman Travel Bag In Your Travel Sketching Kit   Travel Sketching Kit - Cotman Field Box


1.  The Winsor & Newton Cotman Travel Bag – An ideal start to your travel sketching kit.  The bag is lightweight and water resistant with an adjustable strap so that you can wear it around your waist.  It also comes with a very useful water bottle and folding bucket for washing brushes.

Many artists modify this bag to create their perfect travel sketching kit and add their own selection of items.

2.  The Winsor & Newton Cotman Field Box – A popular product for many watercolour artists.  Small and compact to fit in your pocket or bag, it has a water bottle, water pot and fold out palettes.  It also comes with a handy pocket brush.  Great for sketching and painting on the go.


Buy A Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen For Your Travel Sketching KitThe Derwent Pastel Wrap, A Must Have For Your Travel Sketching Kit


3.  Ask any artist what is in their travel sketching kit and I bet the Pentel Aquash Water Brush is there.  Perfect for watercolour sketching on the move.  The synthetic nylon brush has a refillable water chamber which holds 10ml and comes in three nib sizes.  Ideal for wet on wet, blending watercolour pencils and filling with drawing inks.

4.  A common complaint from pastel artists is breakage while travelling.  The Derwent Pastel Wrap is the answer.  Made from tough canvas with a secure fastening this compact pastel holder will safely hold up to 36 standard size pastels or up to 30 pencils and accessories.

Pastels are great for laying down areas of colour quickly and the Derwent Pastel Wrap would be a great addition to your travel sketching kit.


       Every Artist Needs A Moleskine Sketchbook In Their Travel Sketching Kit         Faber Castell Pitt Pens For A Travel Sketching Kit


5.  A Sketchbook – You can’t beat a Moleskine Journal for your travel sketching kit.  Moleskines are bound in cardboard for stability and the elastic holds everything together.  You can add postcards and cuttings without them falling out.  The Moleskine Watercolour Journal Notebook has 60 blank pages which are ph neutral, cold pressed and acid free and the smooth creamy pages of the Moleskine Sketchbook Pocket Journal Notebook have been eternally popular with artists including Van Gogh and Matisse.

The Seawhite Concertina Sketchbook is another popular choice for your travel sketching kit.  The pages in the sketchbook are all joined together and fold up, creating an endless sketching space. The pages are attached to two hard back covers giving a hard surface to work / lean on and they all fit into a hard carrying case.

6.  Fineliners are great for quick sketches and should always be included in your travel sketching kit.  Faber Castell do a great set of Artists Pitt Pens in four nib sizes including a brush tip.  These pens are permanent, lightfast and acid free making them perfect for line and wash as they will not bleed when the wash is applied.  They are available in black, sepia and sanguine and also in singles.


        Get A Pro Arte Pocket Brush For Your Travel Sketching Kit    A Derwent Traveller Pouch Is Ideal For The Artist On The Go


7.  Paint Brushes – If you want a traditional brush for your travel sketching kit without the damage worry Pro Arte do an excellent brush.  Pro Arte Retractable Prolene Plus Brushes are available in Round, Flat and Filbert with a protective cap.  They are easy to slip into the pocket or bag.  They are available in singles or in a leather wallet of three.

8.  For a stripped down travel sketching kit that you can grab easily the Derwent Traveller Pouch would be ideal.  Securing your pencils to your sketchbook or journal it allows for quick selection of pencil while working.


Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks - Ideal For Travelling            Staedtler Mars Technico - A Handy Pencil For A Travel Sketching Kit


9.  Why not try the new Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks?  You can use them dry and wet making them very convenient and ideal for sketching on the move.  Water can be applied to the colour after any length of time so these are the perfect art tool if you have no water source.

10.  The Staedtler Mars Technico – A very popular travel sketching kit item as it has a sharpener in the pencil barrel.  Every artist needs a pencil to sketch with!  You could also take a Mechanical Pencil to avoid the need for sharpening.

….. and remember your camera / phone and baby wipes – great for pastel fingers!

Depending on where you are going and for how long, optional extras for your travel sketching kit could include a Sketching Easel, a folding chair and a Art Tool Box.


Enjoy your summer of sketching and painting.  Bon voyage!


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What are your favourite travel sketching kit essentials?

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