8 stationery essentials you can’t get through the year without

Whether you’re at school, university, art school or just back in the office after the summer, new art supplies and stationery is a must. Here’s exactly what you need:

1. A new pencil case

Well loved pencil cases always get grubby faster than we’d like them to. No one wants to put their new pens and pencils in an old pencil case that’s either too small, too big, has a broken zip or pen marks all over it. Treat yourself to a new one and vow never to let a pencil sharpening near it.

2. Something to write with

Say goodbye to the freebie pens you can’t remember getting in the first place. Scratchy writing tools make putting pen to paper a chore when it really shouldn’t be. Let the words flow from a nice new pen, just be careful who you lend it out to.

3. New notepads

Is there anything better than starting the first page of a brand new notepad? Get organised ahead of a new project and invest in a notepad for that subject alone. We love these Moleskine notepads.   

4. Sticky notes

Handy for planning sessions, marking pages in books, sticking shopping lists to the fridge or leaving notes for a friend; sticky notes are always necessary. Keep it classic with yellow or opt for brighter shades of pink and green, you’d be lost without them.

5. Revision cards

Not just great for preparing bite size pieces of information when you’re revising for exams, revision cards are also brilliant for to do lists, jotting down ideas or making quick notes. Keep them handy around your desk or studio, because you never know when you’ll need to make a note of something you need to remember.

6. Paper and card

Don’t ever find yourself short of paper or card. Whether you use it for sketching, printing or crafts, keep stocked up with your favourite colours, textures and GSM. If you’re looking for coloured paper, we have Canford Paper in a huge array of colours from Forest to Buttercup.

7. Colouring pens

Not just for children, colouring pens are super handy to have around. If you’re a visual person they’ll add a splash of colour to your day to day notes, or you can sit back, relax and unwind with your favourite mindfulness colouring book.

8. Sharpeners, staplers, rulers and rubbers

Plus all those things you assume will be to hand when you need them; sticky tape, envelopes, highlighters, stamps etc. There’s nothing worse than hunting high and low for a ruler when you need one. Keep a drawer stocked up with all these essentials and you’ll never have to worry about a blunt pencil again.

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