5 reasons why STABILO pens and pencils will always be a classic

From highlighters to fineliners, STABILO pens and pencils are a staple product in many homes, offices and art studios. Here’s why…

1. They remind you of your childhood

Do you remember choosing back to school stationery in the summer holidays, ready to return in September armed with a new pencil case full of goodies to impress your friends? Us too. STABILO pens not only made an appearance in all the best pencil cases, but they also helped you highlight revision notes until there was no white space left. If these iconic pens were the first ones you ever used as a kid, there’s a good chance you’ll be reminded of that when you pick one up.

2. They’re perfect for adulthood too

No office or art studio is complete without at least one STABILO product. They’re perfect for mindfulness adult colouring books, bullet journals, note taking, labeling and general planning/organising. Or if you’re looking for something with a high pigmentation to blend, the STABILO CarbOthello range is perfect.

3. You can choose from every colour of the rainbow

OK, not every shade, but STABILO have it sorted when it comes to providing all the colours you need. Tins come in different sizes, including this beautiful wooden box of 60 (it’s every stationery lovers dream). From ice green to earth green, the colours are perfection.

4. They’re long lasting

When has a STABILO highlighter ever run out? Exactly. The pens and pencils need looking after to increase their lifespan (use the correct pencil sharpener and replace the lids on pens), but STABILO are good quality, which means there might still be some life left in the ones in your pencil case from school.

5. The company dates back to 1855

Schwan-STABILO was established back in 1855 when there was a demand for pencils as a result of industrialisation. The first pencils were manufactured by hand, before machinery was introduced in 1860 and they’ve been making pencils ever since (that’s a lot of pencils).

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