What Are Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints?

What Effects Do Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints Give?

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints have been specially formulated to create a magical honeycomb, marbled paint effect which appears as the paint dries. It is a craft paint that will paint on to virtually any surface, such as wood, metal, glass, ceramics, porcelaine, terracotta, plastic, mirrors, canvas, jewellery, acetate, etc. This Paint is perfect for decorating jewellery and other hand made crafts.


Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints


There are 28 opaque colours in the Prisme range, which are available in 45ml pots. Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints are solvent based, have good light resistance and dry to a glossy finish. Clean equipment thoroughly after use with white spirit.


How Do I Use Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints?

In order for this product to work successfully, you must thoroughly stir the paint first.  For best results, simply apply the paint to your object or surface using a pipette / dropper. Alternatively, use a brush or pour directly from the bottle. The paint can be applied on flat or horizontal surface. The thicker the paint application, the more the Prisme honeycomb effect occurs.


Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints Application

Demonstration Of Application: 



You can also use Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints on wet Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints to create a range of special paint effects. Colours can be overlayed to obtain contrasting effects.  Use Prisme Colours with the Pebeo Vitrail Glitter Medium to add a sparkling effect.  These paints can also be used to create beautiful tiffany glass effects when used with Pebeo Cerne Relief.


Prisme Paints are usually touch dry within 6 hours (thinner paint applications may not take so long) and fully dry within 72 hours.


Painted objects and surfaces may be wiped clean. Do not soak decorated objects. Mix the paint well before use. A Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Discovery Set is also available, containing 6 x 20ml pots – great for beginners!

Artwork Created Using Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints:

Objects Painted With Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints

Customer Review On Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints:

Abstract Artist Maggie Brooker Reviews Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints:


‘I would like to recommend Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints. A great selection of colours and a beautiful finish when dry. I am an artist painting abstracts on canvas. I have now sold my latest abstract painting using Pebeo paints. The results on canvas are superb, very smooth and glossy, without having to varnish at all. Needless to say, I have now just ordered some more Prisme paint.’


Artist Maggie Brooker Uses Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints

ABOVE: Maggie Brooker’s Abstract Painting ‘Blue Energy’, 16″ x 16″, using Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints On Canvas.

Inspirational Project:



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  1. I love this product, I tried it on a Jessie Hurley ” sailing with scissors” cruise , and it was amazing, so was the cruise.

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