Need New Paint Brushes?

4 Signs That You Need New Paint Brushes

Losing Hair? Spreading? Worn Out? It’s Time For New Paint Brushes!


Used Paint Brushes


An artist should never blame their tools but wear and tear will take its toll on your Paint Brushes and ultimately they won’t perform as well as they used to.  Even the most cared for Paint Brushes will not last forever.

It’s time to replace your paint brushes if –

Your Paint Brushes Are Pointless:

High quality Paint Brushes such as Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable Brushes will come to a very fine point and keep their shape during and after use.  With careful care they can keep their shape for a long time and are definitely worth the investment.  Yet regular wear and tear will cause the tips of the hairs to eventually wear away and your brush will not be as pointy as it once was.  This is more important for water-colourists and artists who create highly detailed work.

Your Paint Brushes Are Losing Hair:

It is so annoying when brush hairs end up in your painting.  New Paint Brushes sometimes shed hair but this mostly happens with older brushes and from paint gathering in the ferrule.

Your Paint Brushes Are Looking Worn Down:

While sable brushes may lose their point or hairs, hog or bristle Paint Brushes tend to wear down faster after use on canvas.  Your once firm and springy brush is now stubbier with no give in it.

Worn Paint Brushes

Your Paint Brushes Are Spreading Around The Middle:

Normal wear and tear along with a build-up of dried paint will cause brush hairs to eventually splay out.  The Paint Brush will no longer create the clear lines it once did and paint will spread where you don’t want it.

What To Do With Old Paint Brushes:

Don’t retire your Brushes just yet.  Use your old Paint Brushes to create texture in your paintings, use them for applying masking fluid or let the kids loose on them.  Last resort use your old Paint Brushes as very upmarket stirring sticks for paint!


Are your Paint Brushes looking tired and misshapen?  Why not treat yourself to some new Paint Brushes.  Even better put them on your Christmas or Birthday wish list and let someone else treat you!


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Do you have any tips for making your Paint Brushes last longer?

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