Old Holland Oil Paint

Old Holland Oil Paint, The Old Master

What Is Old Holland Oil Paint?

Old Holland Oil Paint is the purist and closest you will get to the handmade paints used by the Dutch masters centuries ago.  It has been produced using traditional formulas since 1664, the same year as Kronenbourg lager!  What a good year! The popularity and staying power of Old Holland Oil Paint proves that nothing beats the quality of traditional recipes.

Old Holland Oil Paint

Until recently Old Holland Oil Paints offered an authentic 17th century palette of colours. However in 1985 Old Holland presented a revolutionary range of 168 Oil Paints, each with the highest degree of lightfastness.  Traditional, non-lightfast pigments were replaced with modern lightfast pigments with the same colour characteristics.

Traditional quality combined with modern technological developments have made Old Holland Oil Paint a first choice among today’s artists and conservators.  Only the best pigments and binders are used to produce concentrated and lightfast paint with unparalleled colour strength and intensity.  We love Old Holland Oil Paints for their purity, thickness and high pigmentation.


Artist Kirsten Walsh Uses Old Holland Oil Paint
Kirsten Walsh achieves luminous skin tones with Old Holland Oil Paint


Artist Kirsten Walsh previously worked as a scenic artist at the National Theatre as well as producing her own work from Wimbledon Art Studios.  She has recently returned to study on the BA Conservation Studies at the City & Guilds London Art School.

We Asked Kirsten Walsh Why She Loves Using Old Holland Oil Paint:

“I have tried many of the Artist’s quality Oil Paints that are available in the UK, and have found Old Holland Oil Paints to be by far the best.   They have a very high pigment to binder ratio which makes them ideal for creating vibrant and intense glazes.  They are milled to a very creamy workable consistency, and come in a wonderfully complex and subtle variety of hues and opacity.”

“My favourite colours of Old Holland Oil Paint are Brilliant Pink, Brilliant Yellow Light, Brilliant Yellow Red and Kings Blue Light.  They are very bright so I prefer to use them over a fairly monochrome earth palette.”

Kirsten’s Top Tips For Using Old Holland Oil Paint:

– Make your own colour charts to understand how certain colours mix.  Do various tests for flesh tones to see what works best for you.

– Float the brighter colours over others to achieve luminous skin tones and rich intense glazes.

– If the pennies won’t stretch to buying several colours then consider investing in single tubes of the brighter colours to supplement your other Oil Paints.  Just one tube of beautiful oil colour would make a great gift to someone who really appreciates a top quality Oil Paint.


Painting By Kirsten Walsh Using Old Holland Oil Paint

What Are The Key Features Of Old Holland Oil Paint?

1. Care and dedication has gone into making Old Holland Oil Paint.  Each tube is filled and labelled manually.  All colour making is done by hand with pigments being ground in stone rather than metal rollers.  The paint is triple roll milled several times to achieve optimum consistency.

2.  Some brands add fillers to bulk out the paint.  Only Cold Pressed Linseed Oil from the first pressing is used for the binder in Old Holland Oil Paint.  This optimizes oxidation (drying) of the paint and promotes permanence.  You will find the brushstroke smoother.

3. Old Holland Oil Paint has an extremely high pigment load in each tube which gives you amazing covering power and colour strength.  You lose nothing in the transition from tube to canvas.

What Colours Are Available In The Old Holland Oil Paint Range?

Old Holland Oil Paints are available in a range of 168 brilliant opaque and transparent colours.

Note – If the word ‘extra ’ is used in the paint colour it means that it is a traditional colour made from a lightfast pigment.

An added bonus is that Old Holland uses the same paint from the tube for the colour strips on the tubes. There is no second guessing when choosing your colours.  It does what it says on the tin!

The range of 168 colours are superb but the cobalts, cadmiums and skin tones are where Old Holland Oil Paint really excel.

Paint like the Dutch masters with Old Holland Oil Paint!


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