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New Year Resolutions For Artists

Wishing You A Happy & Creative New Year!

We have guzzled and gulped our way through the Christmas madness and are now being bombarded with the yearly media onslaught of ways to get fitter, healthier and thinner for summer, to de-clutter our wardrobes and life.  Well you get the picture.

What about your New Year resolutions as an artist though, your thoughts and to do’s for the year ahead personally or professionally? Here are some New Year resolution ideas to get you going.

New Year Resolutions For Artists:

Happy New Year, happy new sketchbook

Make a New Year resolution to keep your Sketchbook to hand, open it every day and take it everywhere you go.  Try not to be precious about how you fill it.  Look at it as a work in progress with quick line drawings and journal like entries.  Even if it is just the grocery list!


Draw More

Spend more time drawing.  Drawing skills are the foundation of all arts practice.  Draw from life, study anatomy and figure drawing.  Consider enrolling on a life drawing class.  Check out the Campaign For Drawing for events and ideas.


new year resolution draw more
Street Art by “Blu” Italy.


Experiment more

Do something outside your norm.  Try working on a larger or smaller scale.  Work with a different medium or subject matter.  Look at an artist’s work that you may not normally be interested in to get a different perspective. Try plein air painting or drawing.

Your New Year resolution could be to visit galleries and museums that you have not been to before.


Connect with others

Joining a local art group/community can help as you become involved in group shows and open studios not to mention the support and advice you will receive.

Make a New Year resolution to learn new skills and broaden your creative practice.  There are numerous classes and courses to be found.  Look at our Art Directory for local studios, groups and classes.


And down to business

A dreaded one for many an artist!  Any successful artist will tell you that you need to make time for your art and the business of art.  If you spend all your time in your studio without working on promoting yourself and getting your work seen in as many places as possible you will not be as successful.

Create a mailing list of everyone who has purchased your work.  Use this to notify them about upcoming exhibitions, new work and news such as winning competitions.  This will hopefully bring about repeat sales.

Carry business/ postcards of your work.  You never know who you might bump into.

Make your own website. Use social media and art forums to connect and network with like-minded people.

Make time to contact galleries and enter competitions and awards.

Keep your Portfolio updated.


What goes around comes around

Share what you know with others.  Offer advice to other artists and make comments on forums.


And something for you

Why not make a New Year resolution to treat yourself to a luxury art item on your birthday or any time for that matter.  It could be a new Sable Brush, a Watercolour Box or a Professional Quality Oil Colour.


Have You Made Any Creative New Year Resolutions?

Don’t just talk about it this year, let’s do it and make 2015 a creative one.  After all art makes us happy and smart!

Start the New Year with a new sketchbook and a spring in your step!

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