Louise McNaught’s Supernature

Nature Goes Supernova In Neon with Louise McNaught.

louise mcnaught wild wild horse final


Louise McNaught graduated from the University of Greenwich in 2012 with a BA Hons Fine Art and is currently represented by DegreeArt with whom she is a regular at The Affordable Art Fair.  Louise works from her home studio in Surrey.

How Would You Describe Louise McNaught’s Work?

Celtic mythology with a hint of religious iconography dip-dyed in fluorescent paint just about sums up Louise’s work where the animal kingdoms repossess their sacred position as higher beings.

Her work reminds me of the late Susan Seddon- Boulet, the San Franciscan artist, whose subject matter centred around folklore, the spirit world and the delicate relationship between nature and humanity.  Louise McNaught’s work has been described as surreal and ethereal and I think her pieces emanate beauty, strength and hope.

Louise McNaught describes herself as a mixed media artist where drawing overlays paint on linen, deep edge canvas and occasionally unconventional supports such as old astronomy maps.


louise mcnaught owl final


Fluorescent paint is one of Louise McNaught’s signature trademarks and is used to highlight the energy and power of her creatures.  By painting layers of neon acrylic paint over a base of white Louise’s creatures seem to glow from within, radiating a burning, blazing neon light.

Gold has been used for many years in religious iconography to elevate heavenly creatures and nature is god-like in Louise McNaught’s work.  Louise uses gold leaf and metallic paint to draw our attention to these otherworldly higher beings.

Yet beneath the pure celebration of nature in Louise’s work lies an undertone.  One that hints at a negative outcome if humanity does not embrace the concept that we are all one.  This is the message Louise is trying to convey through her work.


louise mcnaught stag final


My interview with Louise McNaught:

Which Living Artist Would You Like To Have A Drink With?

I’d like to have a drink with Raqib Shaw.  His highly intricate and embellished works, using unusual types of paints like enamel, are stunning and involve many natural elements spliced with the unexpected like S&M! I’d like to pick his brain about why he uses such techniques and about his choice of subject matter.

And Which Non-Living Artist?

Leonardo da Vinci because he was such a genius and so ahead of his time.  He must have fascinated people he came into contact with.  He also has a very unorthodox lifestyle for the time he lived in, which I think was very brave.

If You Could Show Your Work Anywhere, On Anything Where Would It Be?

I would show somewhere huge like Tate Britain or the All Visual Arts Centre as you could create something amazing and expansive that could never be repeated again and could only be experienced in that time and place.

What’s In Your Art Kit?

I have many kinds of paint, from neon, metallic to spray paint in my art room – I don’t really like to limit myself to one medium.


louise mcnaught zebra 2

Which Art Products Could You Not Do Without?

Liquitex Spray Paint as its opaque enough for my needs and the best spray paint that I have come across. I am also a huge fan of Derwent Inktense Pencils and Faber Castell Pencils.  Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Paint have a great fluorescent range and it works under UV light!

Which Art Materials Would You like To Try?

I would like to try other metallic paints as I tend to just use acrylics at the moment and feel there may be better ones out there.

What Are You Working On At The Moment & Hoping To Achieve This Year?

I am working on some big Gold Leaf based pieces and hope to show them at the Art Shows I am in this year.  As well as that I am 8 months pregnant so I am also working on a baby.

Are You Entering Any Open Submissions/Art Fairs This Year?

I am showing at the Affordable Art Fair with Degreeart, my representative gallery.

What Is The Best Piece Of Advice You Have Been Given?

Get your art work online and work really, really hard at promoting it.

What Is Your Most Notable Achievement To Date? 

My biggest achievement was my first solo show and residency at Degreeart last summer (2013).

Louise’s biggest achievement may have changed since the birth of her daughter!  Congratulations Louise.

Do You Have A Favourite Piece Of Work?

My favourite piece that I have done so far, was also the biggest that I have done called ‘Wild Spirit’.

Watch Louise McNaught creating ‘Wild Spirit’ here:


What Would Your Dream Project Be?

Another solo show or perhaps joint show with another artist whose work I am a fan of.

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Louise McNaught’s Website http://cargocollective.com/louisemcnaught

Where Can I Buy Louise McNaught’s Work?



Where Can I See Louise McNaught’s Work In The Flesh?

Manchester Buy Art Fair 2014

The Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, 12-15 June 2014

The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, autumn 2014

Edinburgh Art Fair, 14-16th November 2014

Thank you Louise for your time and good luck at the fairs.

Pullingers Art Shop stock the Art Materials used by Louise McNaught.

How do you use gold leaf and fluorescent paint in your work?  Why don’t you send us your images for our gallery?   

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