How To Use Letraset ProMarkers

Top 10 Tips For Using ProMarkers

What Are Letraset ProMarkers?

Letraset ProMarker Pen

Letraset ProMarkers are high quality twin tipped permanent Marker Pens offering professional colour without the price tag.

The uses for ProMarkers are as endless as they are varied.  You can use them for Architectural, Product or Interior Design Rendering, Manga and Comic Book Art, Crafting, Stamping, Drawing & Sketching, Fashion Illustration and customising shoes and clothes!


Using Letraset Promarkers To Customise Shoes
Using Letraset Promarkers To Customise Shoes By Pimped My Stride


ProMarker Pens can be used on plastic and glass making them ideal for craft and model making. If you are applying ProMarkers to ink resistant surfaces apply in layers allowing each one to dry before applying the next.

It’s not difficult to see why the versatile low cost ProMarkers are an essential piece of kit for any artist, designer and student.


Since 2016 Letraset ProMarkers have now been replaced by the Winsor & Newton ProMarker Pen.


Top 10 Tips On How To Use ProMarkers:

Artist Stephanie Wilkinson uses Letraset ProMarkers to create bright and vibrant artwork.  We asked Stephanie for her Top 10 ProMarker Tips and Techniques:

1.  Choose a range of 8 – 12 ProMarker Colours (as a starter) that include light, mid and dark tones.

2.  Use a Black Pen with your ProMarkers which is good for outlining and providing your darkest tone.

3.  Work on good quality thick paper to prevent the ProMarker Pens from bleeding.

4.  Create a ‘Colour Key’ Card (your own Colour Chart), by colouring a small rectangular patch of each ProMarker colour on to a piece of paper and labelling it with colour name.  This creates a true colour guide and prevents you from picking up the wrong pen!  Keep this with your ProMarker Pens.

5.  Go over your colours twice to get a strong and even coverage of colour. This will make bolder more dramatic illustrations.

6.  Work from light to dark.  Lay down light colours first then overlay the darker colours.  This gives an appearance of shading and allows for better blending.

7.  Experiment overlaying one colour over another.  For example, putting down a layer of Lavender followed by Lime Green on top creates an Olive Green.

8.  Overlaying a colour on dried ink will produce distinct areas of tone whereas overlaying on wet ink will give you softer blends.

9.  If you go wrong, don’t panic as you can often disguise it by changing to a darker colour on top.

10.  Frame original artwork behind UV glass to protect it from fading.


If you would like to learn more about using ProMarkers, Stephanie Wilkinson runs her own Workshops in Teddington, London.  She creates what she calls her “pattern pen paintings” with Letraset ProMarkers:


The Fishermans House, ProMarkers On Paper, Stephanie Wilkinson
‘The Fisherman’s House’, ProMarkers On Paper, Stephanie Wilkinson.


“I love ProMarkers – they come in such a large range of colours and are key in the creation of my vibrant pattern pen paintings.  They are a bit addictive – you start with a few and before you know it, you have dozens of them all begging to be used!”  Stephanie Wilkinson.


A Colourful Street, ProMarkers On Paper, Stephanie Wilkinson
‘A Colourful Street’, ProMarkers On Paper, Stephanie Wilkinson.

What Are The Key Features Of ProMarkers?

Letraset ProMarkers contain alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink.  You can use them on a variety of surfaces including paper, card, vellum, wood, metal and some fabrics.

These Coloured Marker Pens are twin tipped to allow for a variety of strokes within one marker.  The chisel nib will give various line widths.  Use the widest flat edge for rendering large areas of colour and the edges and tip for narrower strokes.  For fine detail use the smaller bullet nib at the other end.

ProMarkers are fully blendable.  The dye based colour used in ProMarkers ensures even coverage without streaking.  The translucent ink can be layered to achieve varying degrees of depth and opacity as well as new colours.  The ProMarker Blender Pen can be used to soften and blend colours together.

The Letraset Video below demonstrates how to use Letraset ProMarkers to colour in/render a drawing:




When outlining your drawings, make sure that you use a water-based Pigment Fineliner Pen that is fast drying to avoid the ProMarkers from smudging.  Solvent based ink will bleed and merge with the ProMarker colours.  Likewise if you are using ProMarkers with rubber stamps use water-based dye ones.

What Colours Are Available In Letraset ProMarkers?

There are 148 colours in the ProMarkers range which includes pastels, brights and neutrals.  The sheer range of colours available makes Letraset ProMarkers popular with a wide range of artists and designers.

Warm and Cool Greys are perfect for rendering drawings in architecture, interior and graphic design whereas the subtle skin tone colours work really well in Manga and Fashion design.


ProMarkers Used In Manga Art
ProMarkers Used In Manga Art

How Do I Blend ProMarkers?

The Letraset Video below shows you how to blend colours together when using ProMarkers.  Always start with the light colour first, then overlay with a darker shade.  The ProMarker Colour Blending Tutorial below has been done on watercolour paper which makes blending easier and quicker as the ink stays wetter for longer.




This Letraset Video shows you how to blend ProMarkers to achieve a realistic skin tone:




For smoother blending you can also use the ProMarker Blender Pen.

How Do I Use The ProMarker Blender Pen?

The ProMarker Blender Pen should be applied alongside wet ink/colours to create subtle graduations between colours.  It can also be used to ‘drag’ marker ink and soften the edges between colour and white paper.  If you go over the outline use the blender pen to push the colour back to where it should be.

A coating of Blender applied to your paper before applying colour will keep the ink wetter for longer. This makes it easier to blend any colours applied on top and helps achieve smooth coverage. You can also use a pre-coat of Blender to make your colours appear more subtle and muted.

Which Paper Should I Use With ProMarkers?

Bristol Board Paper is ideal for use with ProMarkers.  Of course this does depend on the type of work you are doing.  You can also use a Smooth Surface Heavyweight Cartridge Paper or card.  Some Illustrators and Artists use ProMarkers on Watercolour Paper because it is not as absorbent as some of the thinner papers.  The ink stays wetter for longer and allows for colours to blend more easily.


ProMarker Illustration
“Used my Promarkers to draw my Promarkers! Because I like them so much!” David Neil.


ProMarkers continue to be a favourite with artists, designers and students due to their colour range, quality and price.  Why not see what this versatile marker pen can do for your artwork.


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Do you have any ProMarker Tips & Techniques that you would like to share with us?

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