What Are Letraset FlexMarkers

Have You Tried Letraset FlexMarkers?

What Are Letraset FlexMarkers?

Letraset FlexMarker Pen

Letraset FlexMarkers are permanent twin tipped marker pens with a broad chisel tip at one end and a versatile flexible brush tip the other end.  Letraset FlexMarkers are available in 148 colours, 51 of which are not available in the ProMarker range.  Letraset FlexMarkers also come in 12 exclusive extra light pastel shades which are ideal for achieving softer, more subtle colours and blending.

If you are a fan of ProMarkers then FlexMarkers would be a great way to extend your colour possibilities!

The Letraset FlexMarker has proved popular with Illustrators, Manga Artists, Card Makers and Fashion Students.

Since 2016, Letraset FlexMarkers have been replaced by Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers.


Manga Art Using Letraset FlexMarkers
‘Tea Rose Faerie’ Using Letraset FlexMarker in Tea Rose, Mystiqarts.

What Are The Key Features Of Letraset FlexMarkers?

–  Letraset FlexMarkers contain the same professional quality permanent dye ink used in ProMarkers allowing you to use them together and achieve streak free colour.

–  You can use the Letraset FlexMarker Pens on paper, card, vellum, acetate, glass, wood, metal, plastic and some textiles.

–  The Letraset Flexmarker soft brush tip allows for a looser, more illustrative working style.  You can achieve curved contours thanks to its flexible tip.

–  With a shorter brush tip than other brush pens on the market, the Letraset FlexMarker gives more control in precision work.  You can control the line width by changing the angle and pressure on the nib.  The softness and flexibility of the brush tip allows for a smooth even coverage.

–  The Letraset Flexmarker range has 148 translucent blendable colours.  The exclusive extra light pastel shades are perfect for applying light tints around main images and for subtle blending techniques.  Fashion Designers and Manga Artists love using these new colours to create skin tones.

–  As with ProMarker Pens, the Letraset FlexMarker colours can be layered for added depth and to create new shades.

–  A Letraset FlexMarker Blender Pen is also available to blend colours together more easily and to soften colour joins.

How To Blend With Letraset FlexMarkers

Top Tips For Using Letraset FlexMarkers:

– When building up subtle shading for skin tones start with the lightest colour first then gradually layer up the colours. You can add the darker colours as you progress.

– You may need to prime some of the lighter Letraset FlexMarker colours before their first use.  Using circular motions, colour on some scrap paper until the ink is pushed through the brush tip.

– You can create Calligraphy style lettering and art with the FlexMarker’s brush strokes.

For more tips on using Marker Pens and colour blending, read our Top 10 Tips For Using ProMarkers.


Life Study Using Letraset FlexMarkers By Veronica Strandberg
Life Study Using Letraset FlexMarkers By Veronica Strandberg.


The FlexMarker’s soft flexible brush tip has a more natural feel to it.  This Marker Pen is equally suited to rendering and illustration and the brush tip will help you to create movement within your artwork.  Letraset FlexMarker Pens are ideal for Illustrators, Fashion Designers, Students and Hobbyists.


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How do you use your Letraset FlexMarkers?

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