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Are You Looking For Perfect Gifts For Oil Painters?

Buying Gifts for Oil Painters can seem daunting but at the end of the day fine artists always need and want an endless supply of paint, canvas and brushes.  So whether you decide to pick and choose your own selection of gifts or go for a ready-made box set you can be assured that whatever the occasion or budget we have gifts for oil painters that they will love and you will love giving.


                        Gifts For Oil Painters - W&N Bamboo Box Set   Gifts For Oil Painters - Old Holland Oil Paint


Choose Artists quality Oil Paint from worldwide renowned Winsor and Newton or from the beautifully handmade Old Holland range.  The Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Paint Bamboo Box Set is the complete gift for the oil painter containing everything they need. Alternatively you could top up their existing supplies and choose colours inindividual tubes.  Winsor & Newton also offer Griffin Fast Drying Oil Paint which is great for those in a hurry and painting in cooler weather.

                   Gifts For Oil Painters - Winsor & Newton Oilbars               Gifts For Oil Painters - Cobra Oil Paint Set


I can’t rave about Winsor & Newton Oilbars enough!  The oilbar combines all that artists love about oil paint with the flexibility of a pastel.  Winsor & Newton Oilbars come in 50 rich colours and you can use them on their own or with oil paint. In a word they are yummy and I can’t think why they wouldn’t make great gifts for oil painters.

Royal Talens Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paints are the perfect solution for artists who can’t or don’t want to use solvents.  These genuine oil paints have the highest degree of lightfastness and have been designed to work with water.  They would also be ideal for the travelling oil painter.


                        Gifts For Oil Painters - Da Vinci Brushes               Gifts For Oil Painters - Pro Arte Brushes For Oil Paint


Even the most cared for brushes have to be replaced eventually and although there is no right or wrong brush to use artists do have their favourites.  Da Vinci Series 5123 MAESTRO Bright Bristle Brushes are perfect gifts for oil painters.  The elasticity and longevity of these brushes is down to the shorter bristle length.  The hairs are pushed deeply into the ferrule making them especially springy.

Although designed for acrylic painters the Pro Arte Series 201 Sterling Acrylix Brushes are widely used by oil painters.  They are long handled and softer making them ideal gifts for oil painters who love creating smooth skin tones in portraiture and for glazing.

Look at our full Brush range for oil and acrylic painters.


                         Gifts For Oil Painters - Shannon Studio Easel  Gifts For Oil Painters - Canvases


Every oil painter needs an easel.  We have great deals on table top, sketching and studio easels.  Easels make great gifts for oil painters.  Read How To Pick The Perfect Easel to help you make the best choice.

It all starts with a blank Canvas!  We stock canvas boards, deep edge cotton duck and linen canvas in various sizes.  For working out compositions and studies consider buying a Canvas Pad.


              Gifts For Oil Painters - Moleskine Sketchbook           Gifts For Oil Painters - Faber Castell Sketching Set


Every artist needs sketchbooks and sketching materials.  If the Moleskine range was good enough for Picasso and Van Gogh then it’s good enough for us.  The PITT Monochrome Set is for the artist who needs a compact portable set for studies and sketches.  It contains charcoal, graphite, artists’ pencils and crayons.

We stock a wide range of hard backed Sketchbooks and pads as well as beautiful tins and wooden box sets of Sketching Materials for the professional artist.

At Pullingers you will find a variety of gifts for oil painters, for every level and budget.

Complete your gift by adding useful Painting Accessories such as tear off palettes, palette knives and brush wallets.


Get great deals on gifts for oil painters and quality Art Supplies online with Pullingers Art Shop.

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