Femme Fierce Graffiti Artists

Femme Fierce In Leake Street Tunnel Takeover

Femme Fierce, Graffiti Artists Set Guinness World Record!

Femme Fierce Set Guinness World Record


International Women’s Day saw the walls painted pink as over 100 international female graffiti artists joined forces in Femme Fierce, the largest all female event of its kind in the UK.


Femme Fierce


Femme Fierce was masterminded by Ayaan Bulale of Street Art Agency to celebrate International Women’s Day and raise money for Breast Cancer Care.  They said, ” What an incredible idea!  We cannot wait to see the outcome of this.  Thank you so much for choosing us.”

Who took part in Femme Fierce?

In collaboration with Cre8 Gallery, Paint My Panda and Girls On Top Crew over 100 female graffiti artists answered the call to attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest spray-painted street art mural by a team of graffiti artists.  The street painters and writers came from all over the world including South America and Africa.

The longest graffiti scroll currently measures 1,981 m and was created by Cencosud in Bariloche, Argentina on 30th September 2013.  In 2011 Joe and Max broke the record for the longest 3D street art mural in Canary Wharf, London measuring 106.3m.


                                      Femme Fierce Girls On Top                                 Femme Fierce Crew


Femme Fierce was a weeklong extravaganza opening with an all-female group show at the Cre8 Gallery including work by Claire Rye of Paint My Panda and the Girls On Top Crew.


Femme Fierce Leake St

Where Did Femme Fierce Take Place?

The main event took place in the Leake Street Tunnel near Waterloo and was appropriately dubbed the Leake Street Tunnel Takeover.  This legal wall was made famous when the walls were painted by Banksy during the “Cans Festival” in 2008 thus securing the area for authorised graffiti.




On the day the girls successfully painted 1800sqm of continuous wall in 6 hours and as Claire said, “Girls Rock!”  The walls of the tunnel were painted in pink before the artists each went to work creating their individual pieces that were then linked up.


Femme Fierce Claire Rye


There was a great buzz on the day as street artists, fans, journalists and photographers all turned up to watch and support.  This will surely put female street artists on the map and the work is a testament to the power of women working together.  Since the event friendships have been made and collaborations are in the making.

Who Won Femme Fierce Graffiti Artist Of The Day?

A competition was set up on the day for the most spectacular wall of the day.  Eleni Duke of the Curious Duke Gallery, Incandescent Art’s Lee Button, End of the Line‘s director Matilda Tickner-Du and artist Drax WD made up the judging panel.  The winning artist was Roo Beedobeedo and she wins a full page story and interview with Wordplay Magazine, a black book and Spray Paints!  Congratulations Roo!


Roo with Femme Fierce

The record has been confirmed orally but it will take  up to six weeks for the people at Guinness World Records to confirm in writing that this first attempt to paint the largest mural by a team of artists has been set.


                                 Femme fierce use posca                      Femme Fierce use belton


Best get down to Leake Street tunnel before new work appears.  Get inspiration and get painting whether on legal walls, canvas, or clothes.  If you would like to do some graffiti art Pullingers Art Shop sells a wide range of Spray Paints & Paint Pens including brands such as Molotow, Posca, Amsterdam Acrylic Markers and Liquitex. The Liquitex Professional Spray Paints & Markers are ideal for indoor murals as they are low odour & non toxic.

Congratulations to all those who took part in Femme Fierce, made me feel warm and fuzzy with pride.

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