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Why Drawing Is Good For You

Do You Enjoy Drawing?

I ask this because drawing is not only important but good for us.

A bit of a no brainer really when you consider that we are surrounded by objects that started their life as drawings.  Buildings, gardens, cars, bridges, films, clothes and computer games in fact everything you see and own was once a sketch.  There is no denying that drawing is indeed an important and vital skill.

Drawing is a useful tool in problem solving which is why you find so many doodles and half sketches down the sides of notebooks, newspapers and napkins.

No excuses with a sketchbook on you at all times!


It’s not just artists who draw.  Many professions rely on drawing to convey ideas, designs and thoughts.  Sketching is used in  Architecture, Digital Arts, Game and Web design, 3D Animation, Film and Theatre design, fashion and Costume Design, engineering and more.  Ideas can be conveyed faster with an image than with words even if you are drawing a map for a lost tourist.


“We live in a verbal culture where we think words are important and drawings are merely decorative. But there are hundreds of things for which drawing is wonderfully economical and efficient. It’s much easier for most of us to draw the way a deckchair works than to explain it in words.’ Quentin Blake


It doesn’t seem to matter how well you draw, unless you need to professionally, it is the act of drawing and doodling that offers the benefits.  So whether you can realistically draw the person sitting opposite you on the tube or can barely manage your grocery list in picture form read on.

Drawing has been found to improve memory, increase concentration and creativity as well as helping us to develop new thinking patterns and to see the familiar in new ways.  This aids problem solving and idea generation. Corporate companies among others have been known to offer art therapy sessions for their employees instead of paint balling as team building and idea generating exercises.

Drawing Relieves Stress & Gives Us Down Time So Our Minds Can Wander

The increasingly popular trend for adult colouring in books is a case in point.  When we give ourselves some head space ideas come forward more freely.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or not don’t see drawing and doodling as non productive.  They offer huge benefits personally and professionally.  If you can’t find the right words to express yourself or your ideas sketch them and don’t worry about how it looks as long as you can get your thoughts across.

Start drawing, keep drawing, get the kids drawing and join the Campaign for Drawing in their mission to keep drawing alive and well in our schools and homes.

Encourage children to draw and appreciate art from a young age.  You are never too young to enjoy art and you might be surprised at how early children start to form their own opinions.

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All you need is paper, pens or pencils to get started. Interest young children with Stabilo Woody Pencils. These water-soluble chunky crayons can be used on pretty much anything, even windows! Great fun.

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