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Make Every Day A Doodle Day!

“A Doodle A Day Keeps The Cobwebs Away.” Robert Genn

doodle day spaghetti meatball monster
Spaghetti Meatball Monster


Do you remember playing doodle or squiggle when you were younger; perhaps killing time on a long train journey?  Where someone draws a doodle and the other has to create something with it.  I loved this game as a child though I will admit to the overuse of snakes and plates of spaghetti!  This favourite time filling game is a simple one yet these mindless doodles often yielded surprising results and ideas.

What I am trying to say is to keep doodling like a child.  Make every day Doodle Day.  Doodle on the phone, the train, watching TV.  Drawing helps us to make sense of the world and our thoughts and aids us in communicating ideas to others.  This in my mind is what makes doodling the top drawing exercise for beginners and skilled alike.


Sandwich Bag Art by David Laferriere


I love the way graphic designer David Laferriere has introduced the daily doodle into his life with personalised sandwich bags for his son.  Not only has David’s sandwich bag art been shown and shared around the world he has been named one of the coolest dads!  So grab your marker pen and brighten up your kids daily sandwich with a daily doodle.  Extra brownie points guaranteed.


“Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.”  Keith Haring


…and what better reason do we need to doodle our day away than with National Doodle Day.

National Doodle Day is a fundraising event which raises money for, Epilepsy Action.  By donating a pound to do a doodle you can help support the 600,000 people in the UK living with epilepsy.  National Doodle Day is on Friday 6th February 2015.


Doodling is fun and cheap!  All you need is paper and pens or pencils.  Always have a small sketchbook to hand with a marker pen or fine liner and you can make every day a doodle day and make someone smile.

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Happy Doodling.



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