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Customise With Paint Markers


Customise Your Sneakers, Skateboards & More With Paint Markers

Customise sneakers, skateboards and caps with paint pens.  You can pretty much put your personal stamp on anything whether it’s your school bag, surfboard, guitar, bike helmet, your festival wellies or granny’s knitting bag. The list is endless and the options limitless when customising with paint pens and spray paints.

Why Are Paint Markers Ideal For Customising?

Available in a wide range of nib sizes and the opaque non bleed paint sits on most surfaces.

Water-based paint will work on both light and dark backgrounds and once a layer is dry you can work on top with another colour.

Thicker tips are great for filling larger areas and finer tips for drawing details.

For intricate detail and text you can’t beat paint pens.

Customising Tips

Take time deciding on a design and practice on paper before drawing it lightly in pencil on your chosen piece.

When painting canvas shoes, caps and bags any colour goes.

Black backgrounds can make your images and text pop when some areas are left unpainted.

When customising leather shoes working on white can be preferable.  If you choose to work on black it can help to lay down a base of white to help colours stand out.

Spray paint can also be used and is an ideal base for painting a surfboard for example.

If you are using spray paints on sneakers make sure you use skinny caps for greater control.


customise with molotow


We stock your favourite paint pen and spray paint brands.  Choose from POSCA, Molotow, Amsterdam and Liquitex Professional Paint Markers.  With different nib sizes and replacement inks and tips available what are you waiting for?

Buy your Paint Markers and other Art Supplies online with Pullingers.

Whether you want to customise your sneakers, cap, school bag or guitar you can use spray paints and paint pens to make them unique.

What have you customised?  Share your designs with us on Twitter or Facebook.


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