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Have You Cast Your Vote For Art Everywhere?

If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing I don’t know what will!

Help Richard Reed take art to the street with Art Everywhere and brighten up your commute whether travelling by car, train or bike.  Take part in creating the largest free Art Exhibition in the UK on the streets for all to see.  Isn’t that what art should be about.  Cast your vote now!




Art Everywhere is back after its huge success last year and hoping to be even bigger this year.  The public have again been asked to vote for a favourite artwork from a list of 70. The final 25 artworks will then be displayed all over the UK and I mean everywhere from bus shelters and billboards to airports and underground poster sites.  See a Bacon on a bus and a Turner on the train.

Founded in 2013 the project hopes to inspire the population, especially those who wouldn’t normally visit a gallery, as well as encouraging children to see and make art.

Who Founded Art Everywhere?

Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks, came up with the idea as he walked to work one day.

“For one month, in one year, someone had put on one poster site a beautiful picture. It wasn’t titled and didn’t have a logo on it. I never knew why it was there but all I knew was it was a beautiful thing,” adding: “It put a bounce into my step.”  Although I have also heard that his wife came up with the idea and he pinched it!


Richard Reed, The Man Behind Art Everywhere

How Do I Vote For Art Everywhere?

Vote for your favourite at Art Everywhere.  If you don’t have a Facebook page then email your favourites to before 21st June.

Art Everywhere reminds us of the beautiful artworks available in our Art Galleries and Museums that we can often see for free.  We are extremely lucky in Britain and especially in London to have access to this wealth of British talent.

Art Everywhere will hit the streets on the 21st July until the 31st August 2014 and this year Vue Cinema will be showing the artworks in a film on over 1000 screens across the UK.

The expansion doesn’t end there with Art Everywhere going to the states!  Art Everywhere USA will take place in August 2014.  Now that is big!

Art Everywhere - Bob & Roberta Smith

So get clicking and emailing!  Take part and let’s get Art out there; everywhere; for all.

Art Everywhere is brought to us by Richard Reed along with Art Fund, Tate, Posterscope, Easyart, Facebook, Creative Agency 101, Vizeum and now Vue Cinemas.  Thank You.

Take part and be inspired to see more Art. Why not create your own?  Perhaps your work will be on a billboard one day?

Remember, you can buy your Art Supplies from Pullingers Art Shop.

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